Artist Spotlight: Sam Doyle (American, 1906–1985)

The Gibbes has an amazing collection of 10,000 objects. With so many objects and only so much gallery space, at any given time, the vast majority of our collection remains safely tucked away in storage. But that doesn’t mean we can’t share it online! This post is one in what will be a series of artist spotlights, highlighting a variety of treasures from the Gibbes collection.

In honor of this summer’s focus on vernacular art (see my last post from July), I have chosen to spotlight South Carolina artist Sam Doyle (1906–1985). Doyle was an African-American vernacular artist from St. Helena Island, near Beaufort, and he found artistic inspiration within his community. Settled by the descendants of African American slaves after the Civil War, the residents of St. Helena Island remained largely secluded from the mainland through the mid-twentieth century. This isolation allowed residents to preserve many of the folk traditions rooted in their African heritage. Elements of Gullah culture, oral histories of Southern slavery, and Christian iconography greatly influence Doyle’s work. He is best known for his portraits which most frequently portray significant figures living on St. Helena Island. Using found objects, such as sheets of tin roofing or wood paneling as his canvas, Doyle created full-body portraits that often include text describing the subject’s importance to local culture. The Gibbes owns four paintings by Doyle, three of which you can see above.

And if you like Sam Doyle’s work, you should also check out our current exhibition in the Main Gallery, The Creative Spirit: Vernacular Art from the Gadsden Arts Center. It features work by artists who, like Doyle, are self-taught and live in the rural south. The exhibition closes on October 16, so you have a few more weeks to get here. Godzilla will be waiting!

Pam Wall, Curator of Exhibitions, Gibbes Museum of Art

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  1. on 07 Jan 2013 at 12:10 pmClaudette Humphrey

    I am a local self taught artist and the President of the Arts Council of Beaufort County in SC.
    I would like to have a special exhibition showing & spotlighting Sam Doyle’s paintings and art at our art gallery, Artworks.
    Sam was born here on St. Helena Island, however, so many people aren’t aware of his contribution and other self taught artist to Folk Art expressions. We would love to introduce his works to the children in our schools to make them aware of this style of Art.
    I would like to borrow some of his pieces that you have to exhibit/ &any other resourses here at Artworks for a month.
    Our intentions would be to have an Art opening gala with reception that would include his family members, Penn Center curator, Mary Mack, owner of Red Piano Too Gallery on St. Helena, lecturers, & slides. We would also bring students to Artworks & work in the schools with the students & staff.
    Any help you can give us will be appreciated.
    Claudette Humphrey
    8 Butterfield Lane, Beaufort, SC. 29907 (843) 522-1831

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