Eat Pose Look

Reuben Sandwich

Just in time for the kick-off of Charleston Wine and Food Festival, food blogger and photographer Libby Williams stopped by the Gibbes Museum to sample some of the delicious offerings at our Café Gibbes. She writes about some of her favorite bites, including the Reuben sandwich and Whitefish Salad, on her blog Plate South.

Charleston Shop Curator Andrea Serrano stops in front of the pink wall featuring Colonel and Mrs. Barnard Elliott at the Gibbes. ©Libby Williams Photography.

In anticipation of Charleston Fashion Week, fellow blogger Andrea Serrano, aka Charleston Shop Curator, joined Libby for her visit and struck a pose in the galleries. She was awed by the stunning architecture, rich collection, variety of programs, and of course the yummy café food as well. She shares her favorite things about the visit on her blog this week.

We were delighted to have the bloggers drop in, and to share their posts with you.

Top image: Café Gibbes Med Reuben, pasta salad, and beverage options. ©Libby Williams Photography.

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