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Virtual Introduction to Painting in Acrylic or Oil with Stephen Herchak

Photo by MCG Photography.

Photo by MCG Photography.

Class Cancelled.

This introductory level virtual workshop with Stephen Herchak will cover basic composition, color theory, color mixing, blending, brushwork and application of paint. Students may opt for either water soluble and fast drying acrylic paint or traditional artist slow drying oil based paint. These sessions cover brushes and tools, care and cleaning, palettes and supports, color theory and pigment, sketching the composition, laying down a background wash and then begin to block in color.
This class will take place over Zoom moderated by a Gibbes staff member. Call information will be shared with participants before the start of class. Please Note: This is not a drawing class and as such a basic level of ability in first drawing simple objects is helpful in order to then paint them.

$50 Members | $65 Non-Members
*A 3% credit card fee will apply.

Suggested Supplies:
Basic paints assortment (students may opt for either acrylic or oil based paint, tubes only): Black, White, a bright Red (such as Cadmium), a deep Red (such as Alizarin Crimson), a deep Green (such as Phthalo or Hookers), a deep Blue (such as Ultramarine or Cobalt), Cerulean Blue, Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna, Violet
Acrylics require blending/extender medium (tube, bottle or jar); oils require linseed oil or oil based thinning medium for artist paint as well as turpentine or paint thinner for cleaning (Note: Solvent for oils cannot be disposed of at Gibbes and require a sealable jar for removal after each class.)
Assortment of brushes (both round and flat)
Palette or plastic trays for mixing
Medium hardness pencil and eraser for sketching on surface prior to painting
Stretched and primed canvas, prepared canvas board or paper intended for painting (2 or 3)

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