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1858 Prize for Contemporary Southern Art

2021 Finalist

Edison Peñafiel

Edison Peñafiel is an Ecuadorian American artist based in Miami, Fla. Born in Ecuador, Peñafiel migrated to the United States to leave the political and economic instability of his native country. His singular style integrates video and multimedia installation to create surreal echoes of our world, environments that translate experience. His work centers the migrant as a subject, informed by his own life. His early photography focuses on deconstruction and perception, absurdity and politics. The use of a camera plays with evidence and fact and their manipulation in media. Socio-economic and political themes deepened with his shift to multimedia installations. By introducing looping video projections, Peñafiel imitates the loops that make up our history and present. His visions show people trapped in behaviors of movement and labor, always being watched. Peñafiel has presented his work in numerous large-scale projects, site-specific installations and immersive installations, appearing at the Bass Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, the Orlando Museum of Art, the Elsewhere Museum, the Atlantic Center for the Arts and the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale.

Land Escape Piantings

Land Escape Piantings " Series" - (L-R) Mare, Pampa, Llano by Edison Peñafiel

Erase una vez

Erase una vez "Series" - Napalm by Edison Peñafiel

Erase Una Vez

Erase Una Vez "Series" - Terminal by Edison Peñafiel