When the Gibbes Museum opened in 1905, the nation celebrated what Charleston has always understood: the power of art – to inspire our imagination, heal our hurt, and nourish our souls.

2018 Staff Resolutions: Here We Go!

For the past several years, we’ve checked in with staff to ask about their goals for the coming year. It’s always fun to hear the sincere and the tongue-in-cheek responses to this annual ritual, and rewarding to look back at the past year and see all that we have accomplished. We were able to achieve many of the objectives that we set out at the beginning of 2017, including ending the fiscal year with a balanced budget, unveiling our 10-year strategic plan, expanding our class offerings for all ages, and developing successful partnerships with performing arts organizations, artists, experts, and art historians. We’re still working on a few items from last year, but that didn’t stop us from adding to the list! Read on to check out what will be coming down the pike in the year ahead!

Pam Wall, Curator of Exhibitions
—Focus on the four themes developed in conjunction with the museum’s strategic plan: conservation and the environment, social justice, health and wellness, and innovation. My goal is to move forward with at least one exhibition or project related to each of the four themes.
—I also resolve to hang some art on my office walls. After all, I do work at an art museum…

Curator Pam Wall
Curator Pam Wall plans to add some art to her office walls in 2018.

Sara Arnold, Curator of Collections
—Continue to present our amazing collection in new ways. This may involve connecting works to contemporary issues that inspire spirited dialogue, or looking for fun compositional themes that reveal captivating stories across time. Either way, the art will inspire us!

Chaz Butler, Special Events Assistant
—Have the Museum booked with private events every weekend, especially during our “slower” months—January, February, August, and December.
—Increase our Corporate clients by at least 50% in 2018.
—Strengthen our relationships with our preferred vendors and local organizations to continue creating wonderful experiences for all of our clients.
—Help welcome The Daily to the Gibbes family by eating at the new café once a week 😉

Wedding in Campbell Rotunda
The Campbell Rotunda is a stunning spot to say “I Do.” Photograph by TimWill Photography.

Mandie Ronick, Museum Store Coordinator
—Continue to bring in new, creative items for the museum store.
—Increase sales by establishing the store as a “must-see” part of the museum experience.
—Collect as many artist socks as possible.

Hot Sox
The artist series by Hot Sox are a hit in the Museum Store.

Courtney Soler, Director of Finance
—Focus on finding ways to align our short-term financial strategies and goals to our 10-year strategic plan.

Megan Zembower, Program and Tour Coordinator
—Meet and get to know every museum educator and docent who work regularly with the Gibbes.
—Be comfortable giving each of our preK-12 student tours.
—As a new Charleston resident, participate in the Cooper River Bridge run for the first time in April
—Locate the best happy hour in Charleston—will likely enlist other Gibbes Girls’ help with this one!

Student tours in the galleries
Students enjoy the galleries at the Gibbes.

Jennifer Ross, Director of Development
—Work to meet the goals of our Gibbes 10-Year Strategic Plan by raising funds to support our Facility Endowment.
—Establish and implement a planned-giving program.
—Actually take an art class offered by the Gibbes!

Zinnia Willits, Director of Collections
—Secure funding for, create, and implement an interpretive program (signage, exhibits) for the Collection Storage Center to provide visitors with “behind-the-scenes” information about how we protect and preserve the art collections at the Gibbes. As part of the program fabricate and install a unique “secret life of a painting ” display. What’s that you ask? Come visit in 2018 to find out!
—Successfully manage my professional commitments as Vice President of the Southeastern Museums Conference (SEMC) and appointed-member of the 2018 National Program Committee for the American Alliance of Museums. Work with my Charleston colleagues to plan the 2019 SEMC Annual meeting which will take place right here in the Holy City in October 2019!
—Eat fewer Tic Tacs and drink less coffee to manage stress (this will be on the resolution list EVERY YEAR).

Collection Storage Racks
Gibbes Collection Storage racks. Photograph by MCG Photography

Erin Banks, Creative Director
—Win more awards for our print materials. (I’ll confess, this is a repeat goal!) Last year we continued our winning streak with awards from the Southeastern Museum Conference and the American Marketing Association “Spark! Award.” So I hope to create clever new collateral that wins more recognition for the Gibbes.
—See more of our collateral go online! Whenever we print a major publication, we also publish it online. It’s such a wonderful way to put our materials at everyone’s fingertips (and save a few trees), so I hope to grow our online collection and become a resource for other museums and arts organizations. In the meantime, be sure to check out our online editions of the Annual Report, Strategic Planning Brochure, and Private Events Brochure.
—Try all of the vegetarian options at The Daily at the Gibbes! I am so looking forward to our new café, and I plan to celebrate with frequent lattes and lunch dates.

Becca Hiester, Associate Curator of Education
—Perfect our STEAM tour and work with more middle-school groups.
—Expand summer camp options for ages 4-18.
—Make new and exciting connections between exhibitions and studio classes.

Summer Art Camp in 2017.
Campers had a ball at Summer Art Camp in 2017. Photograph by Carolina Photosmith.

Lasley Steever, Director of Programs and Digital Engagement
—Continue to improve our engagement with art lovers near and far through our social media and online offerings.
—Build on the strong Visiting Artist program we’ve developed with new and exciting contemporary artists.
—Develop a video series that tells the story of the Gibbes through the perspectives of our visitors, our staff, and our partners.

January 1, 2018

Top Image: Gibbes staff members at the 2017 Fellows Luncheon.

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