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A Glimpse Into Studio 2 With Visiting Artist Tim Hussey

If you haven’t stopped by the Gibbes recently, and more specifically Studio 2, we hope you will before May 19 to meet Tim Hussey, our current Visiting Artist (see Open Studio Hours below). Hussey recently shared with us some insights into what he’s working on now and some of his inspirations!

What are you working on currently in the Gibbes studios?

I took a year off after having our first baby girl, so this is a big kick in the rear to get me back on track with art production. My work is sort of one long continuous stream of paintings—starting in 2000, but stemming from a lifetime of drawing. I don’t plan ‘bodies’ of work, but instead react to exactly where I am mentally and physically at the moment. Many residencies want a specific concept from the artist, which is almost impossible for me to convey. For the Gibbes residency, I am focusing on getting refocused and finding what I want from art, post child. It’s been enlightening to restart in a fearless state. Age has taught me to stay on course, to ignore trends and opinions and to have the confidence to work straight from who I am. The short answer to the question above: I’m working on one large and several medium sized canvases—and lots of works on paper.

Works in progress in the studio.

Do you have one specific work or project you’ve created that has special significance to you, more so than others?

I do have a few paintings that stand out as “yes, that’s it” kind of works—pieces that seem to connect seamlessly to my unconscious, which is always my goal. Most work gets part of the way there and veers off at some point to become it’s own entity beyond what I was aiming for. Doesn’t mean they aren’t good —just didn’t hit the mark I planned for. Speaking of planning—I don’t plan anything. Project-wise, I have experiences that have become highlights in my career. The mural in Santa Monica, my first solo show in LA, my retrospective at the Waterfront Gallery, 2010 documentary on my process, and watching my baby girl hold a paintbrush for the first time.

More works in progress.

If you could meet one artist, living or deceased, who would that be, and why?

I’d like to meet David Lynch. He may be my biggest influence and inspiration as far as encompassing an artist’s mind and life. But I’d like to think that he’d like me too. That’s what makes relating really fun. Also, I’d love to have talked to Cy Twombly about his process and choices, his life and his courage as a painter.

Who or what has been a major influence on your artistic career?
The humorous parts of my work: my father
The dark stuff: my cousins Merrick and Suki
The composition: photographer Matt Mahurin
The narratives or lack of: David Lynch
Figure style: outsider artists and the Art Brut movement

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

To be engaged. My mother told me I always seemed happiest when I was busy.

Tim Hussey. Photo: Jonathan Boncek

-Published May 9, 2019

-Top image: Tim Hussey. Photo by Joel Caldwell.


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