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Wave Upon Wave, 2014, by John Westmark

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It’s all in the Details

I’ve always been drawn to the small details of works of art. Maybe it’s my own lack of dexterity when it comes to focusing on intricate details, but I find I admire artists who are dedicated to producing work that is labor intensive. If I really take a moment to grasp at how much time […]

Patrick Dougherty installs sticks in the Gibbes Museum atrium.

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The Magic of Patrick Dougherty

This evening the Gibbes unveils a whimsical wonder by artist Patrick Dougherty. Entitled Betwixt and Between, Patrick’s site-specific installation fills the museum’s second-floor glass atrium with soaring spires inspired by the church steeples that punctuate the Charleston skyline. The installation is an awe-inspiring site to behold. As Patrick and his son Sam have constructed the […]

Gibbes Staff

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Setting Goals for 2017

At this time last year, the Gibbes staff had turned the page on 2015 and was staring down the gauntlet of a heavy to-do list in order to reopen the Museum in May 2016. At that point, we put together a list of resolutions and goals that we hoped to achieve during the year ahead. […]


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Gratitude for the Gibbes

In this season of gratitude, I am thankful for many things. Faith, family, and health are certainly at the top of my list, but each day I also give thanks for the beauty that surrounds me. I am fortunate to live in a place of extraordinary natural beauty. And I am incredibly fortunate to spend […]

Museum Signage samples

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Zen and the Art of Museum Signage

The funny thing about beautiful signs is that you don’t notice them. From the beginning, that was our goal for museum signage at the newly renovated Gibbes. To create an aesthetic that would be elegant and inspired. Tasteful and timeless. Helpful but not distracting. We wanted to create signage that would give just enough information […]


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Gibbes Museum in the News: June 22 – July 4

Charleston Business Magazine’s June/July issue featured an in-depth piece with stunning photos of the renovated museum and first-floor programming. Tidelines, Seabrook Island’s community blog, included a post on the Art of Healing: Porgy and Bess, Behind the Curtain event. The Gibbes had a visit from social media influencer “The Bowtie Gent,” who posted a beautiful […]


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Collection Storage: From the Gallery Walls to the Back Room

As an intern at the Gibbes, one of the best parts of my job is getting an up-close view of what goes on behind the scenes at the museum. While following around Zinnia Willits, Director of Collections Administration, I’ve learned all about how the collection is handled, organized, preserved, and stored. Though the gallery walls […]

Conservator and curator examine miniature portraits

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Good Things Come in Small Packages

Even though they are the smallest pieces in the collection, designing a new gallery for the miniature collection has been a lot of work. Thanks to a generous grant from the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelly Foundation we know the space will be amazing, but along the way we’ve faced different challenges from interpretation to installation. […]

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Our New Website is Live!

This week, the Gibbes launched a brand new website. Our previous site debuted in 2007 and was built using technology that is hardly supported by today’s browsers. It definitely did not work well on smartphones, tablets, or other personal devices that proliferate today. The content on our old site was well written and engaging, but […]

Gibbes on the Street transforms Meeting Street into a delight for the senses.

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Gibbes Street Party has great Panache

As I eagerly count down the days until the seventh-annual Street Party, it’s hard not to be in awe of the team of individuals who volunteer their time and resources to make this event happen each year. From the dedicated committee and the generous food and beverage community, to the wonderful supporters of the arts […]