the gibbes museum of art

Kim and Jim Pallotta Main Gallery featuring 18th and 19th Century American Paintings, Sculpture, and The Rivers Collection of Decorative Arts

December 31, 1969 @ 7:00 PM

Galleries 1, 4, and 5


American paintings, from colonial portraits to Civil War-era landscapes, occupy the Kim and Jim Pallotta Main Gallery. Portraits of leading political, social, and military figures include works by Jeremiah Theus, Henry Benbridge, Benjamin West, Gilbert Stuart, Thomas Sully and Samuel F.B. Morse. The gallery also features work by potter Dave Drake and  landscape and genre scenes by Angelica Kaufmann, Louis Mignot, Eastman Johnson, Conrad Wise Chapman, and William Aiken Walker. The paintings collection is complemented by examples of neoclassical sculpture gifted by the William B. McGuire Family Foundation on view in the Campbell Rotunda, and Charleton-made furniture and silver gifted from The Rivers Collection of Decorative Arts.