When the Gibbes Museum opened in 1905, the nation celebrated what Charleston has always understood: the power of art – to inspire our imagination, heal our hurt, and nourish our souls.

Giving Tuesday Now: A Global Day of Giving

Giving Tuesday Now

From exciting exhibitions and engaging classes to informative lectures and celebratory events, the Gibbes Museum has been a central fixture in the Charleston art scene for over 150 years. Prior to the opening of the museum’s Beaux-Arts building in 1905, the Carolina Art Association was founded in 1858 by a group of Charleston citizens to promote fine arts in South Carolina through exhibitions and to create a permanent collection. In difficult periods of Charleston’s history, the Gibbes has served as a venue for education, a place for inspiration and reflection, a hub for discussion, and a locale for camaraderie. The current COVID-19 outbreak has shuttered our doors, but it has not dampened our spirit, nor has it hindered our ability to rally around our community of art lovers. Social distancing does not have to mean social isolation, and we are grateful for all of you who have come together in our virtual spaces to provide community, spread joy, and share your creative spirit.

The economic impact of this global crisis on our family, friends, and community feels bigger than any of us can fathom. Giving Tuesday Now is a global day of giving and unity that will take place on May 5, 2020, as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19. Given the dire circumstances and hardship that has been placed on the Gibbes as a result this global pandemic, we humbly request your continued support. The #GivingTuesdayNow campaign reminds us all that we are not alone and that, as always, we are better together.

We cannot wait to welcome you back into the Museum, and are working on strategies to reopen the building as soon as we can safely do so. We are overwhelmed by your continued generosity, and with your help, we will do our best to push forward through this crippling time in our world’s history. By simply renewing your membership today, you can help us continue to provide exhibitions and programs that define who we are as a community. Please consider renewing your membership as a sign of solidarity and support on Tuesday, May 5, thereby committing to helping the Gibbes meet its mission of enhancing the lives of everyone, especially during this uncertain time.

The Gibbes is offering a special promotion to all new and renewing* members that includes 14 months of membership at 10% off the annual membership price (use code GIVTUE20 at checkout). As an additional thank you, renewing members will also receive an exclusive store discount code, which can be applied to our online store, as well as the museum store upon re-opening. Please be assured that all expiration dates will be adjusted accordingly after the Museum is able to reopen.

Together, we can heal and you can be a part of the solution—every little bit helps.

Published April 30, 2020

*Valid on any membership renewal with and expiration date on or before December 31, 2020.

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