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Intern Insights: Kate McPherson

Camper and intern Kate hanging dyed cloth to dry

Ever since I moved to Charleston three years ago, I have always been fascinated by what the Gibbes has to offer. From passing the museum on the street to following new exhibitions, the Gibbes has been an integral part of my growing love for Charleston. I will be starting my senior year as an arts management student at the College of Charleston this fall, and the opportunity to work at the Gibbes has been an amazing experience that combined my love for the arts and working with children.

Alongside the amazing art teachers, I was able to work with three different age groups during my internship and it has been so interesting to see how each age approaches projects differently. Despite the inevitable chaos of young kids and art supplies, it was so much fun to watch when we would start a project that really spoke to them. One of my favorite moments was making model magic rockets during the Out of This World Week, and watching everyone share the different colors so they could add tiny details to their ships.

Students playing with natural dyes
Tween campers experimented with invisible inks and natural dyes with past Visiting Artist Kristy Bishop.

What I have enjoyed the most during my internship has been being in the classroom and getting to work hands-on with the campers. Getting to know every one of them and their unique personalities has made the entire experience. I love being able to watch how they all see the same artists’ work and then are able to translate their unique personalities into their art. Interning for the Gibbes Summer Art Camp Program has been such a fun experience. I have loved the opportunity to be hands-on in the classroom and get to share my love for the arts with the next generation. My experience at the Gibbes has only furthered my passion for working with kids in the arts.

Published August 2023

Summer Camp internships were made possible by the generous support of the South Carolina Arts Commission.

Top image: Kate (right) working with campers to hang dyed fabric out to dry.

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