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Illustration Workshop for Adults: Making a Book Dummy

Photo by MCG Photography

Photo by MCG Photography

Saturday, April 17, 1:30-3:30pm

Professional storybook illustrator Clare Pernice will demonstrate illustration techniques and the design process involved in creating a picture book. This session will focus on creating a book dummy to learn about page turns and layout decisions.

There are four sessions this winter, and each session will have a different focus, highlighting different aspects of the design and publication process and will allow students so experiment with different styles and media. Each workshop is a stand-alone course, but we encourage students to take as many sessions as possible to learn more about the process.

Discussions will include the history of children's books, examples of classics, of innovative books and the variety of styles and subjects.

We will cover the use of different art materials and techniques, design considerations and working in the business of publishing. Hands-on projects over the course of the series will include creating story characters, use of setting, arc, action, empathy and story message. Participants will work from a story starter sheet. Working with a mini blank paper book (called a book dummy) you will learn about page turns, layout, and importance of book jacket design.

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A 3% credit card fee will apply