the gibbes museum of art
Portrait of the artist while in residence at the Gibbes by MCG Photography

Cameron Alexander

August 30, 2021 - October 10, 2021


Cameron Alexander is a self-taught artist from Charleston, SC. They explore the ramifications of black subjugation and the utopian potential of Afrofuturism through the mediums of oil painting, woodcarving, and cyanotype. They are interested in the annals of the future—how the process of creation will evolve over time—and their place within this ongoing evolution. While paying homage to the bond of family, they also strive to elucidate the singularity and distinctiveness of the individual. What is it to be black? What is it to be queer? What is it to be gender-nonconforming? And, more importantly, are we alone in our distinctness? Their art is a simulation in which anything is possible and specification is the norm.

While in residence, the artist's goal is to render at least three pieces of artwork consisting of 24x30 wood panels. After the initial carving stage, paper prints of each piece will be pulled. Then, in an attempt to further explore that which makes an impression, the wooden blocks will be stained with a light-sensitive iron salt used with Potassium Ferricyanide and left to develop underneath the sun. Creating a memory block with the negatives of original photography, culminating a ghostly holographic effect. Final touches will be made to the memory block using oil paint. These pieces will continue the artist’s investigation into selfhood, identity, and the dualism of antiquation and technology.

Public Studio Hours:

Monday 2 - 5 pm

Wednesday 2 - 5 pm

Saturday 1 - 5 pm

Cameron Alexander has exhibited at Nefelibata 2020 and Public Works Spark 2020 in Charleston, SC.