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the gibbes museum of art

Jonathan Rypkema

August 29, 2022 - October 9, 2022


Jonathan Rypkema's interest in shapes comes from an appreciation of architecture. He is intrigued by how just the use of different features such as walls or windows within a space gives you the ability to create completely different environments. If you simplify each feature to its true form you find that these environments are just made up of various simple shapes, positioned in such a way that they influence our every decision and movement. Shapes and forms guide the way we conduct our lives. The patterns and shapes used in Rypkema's work are often inspired by fragments of material found on the streets and local job sites. These discarded materials offer a starting point to his work that is unplanned and unique. By tightening the parameters of what is possible, he is forced to adapt and work with the form in front of him. The surprises and unexpected outcomes are what pull the artist along on a project, keeping him engaged and constantly creating new ideas and pieces. The objective of Jonathan Rypkema's work is to use shapes to create experiences. Sometimes those formations are painted on walls for daily public interaction and other times they are constructed to engage with the viewer on a more physical level. Artist Biography Jonathan Michael Rypkema is a visual artist who lives and works in Charleston, S.C. He works with various mediums which include spray paint, acrylic and wood. He received his undergraduate degree from the College of Charleston in studio arts with a focus on sculpture. Coming from a primarily two-dimensional background, school is where he developed an interest in three-dimensional work along with the skill sets needed for those projects. Following his studies, Rypkema began to combine the different disciplines he had learned, creating shaped paintings that interacted with viewers on a physical level. In recent years, the artist continued along this path but has shifted his focus to the use of repurposed wood and scrap materials, bringing a spontaneous and adaptive quality to his practice.


Friday 10AM - 5PM

Saturday 10AM - 5PM