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1858 Prize for Contemporary Southern Art

2020 Finalist

Namwon Choi

Namwon Choi is an artist and educator based in Savannah, Ga. Choi has a Master of Fine Arts in drawing and painting from Georgia State University and a Master of Fine Arts in oriental painting from Hongik University of Seoul, Korea. Since her move to the U.S., Choi’s life in-between two countries, embodying affiliation and alienation, has been the inspiration of her art. Her interest in the spatial and temporal condition of in-betweenness led her to view the highway as the space of transience that (dis)connects one place to another. She creates drawings and paintings of highways on canvas paper and uses tires as a means of portraying her life in transition. She has been an artist in residence at Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Hambidge and the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art studio. Her most recent solo exhibitions were at the Artist Homes Gallery in Berlin and Stanely Beaman & Sears Gallery in Atlanta. Currently, she is a professor of foundation studies at Savannah College of Art and Design.